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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Director - Litigation Solicitor - Head of Dispute Resolution

Rob is a Solicitor and the Head of our Dispute Resolution (Litigation) Department and a Director. He has over 12 years of experience in Litigation and qualified as a Solicitor in 2006, having previously completed his professional training at the firm. Since becoming the head of department, Rob has worked tirelessly to expand and improve the department, providing high standards of work and commitment to cases.

Rob prides himself on his client-focused approach to dispute resolution, offering practical advice and solutions. He represents parties in both County Court and High Court proceedings in addition to Tribunal proceedings and at Mediation. He specialises in various types of Litigation from Court proceedings for the possession of residential property to multi-million pound business disputes. He practises at both our Doncaster and Rotherham offices and represents clients whether local or national.

Rob is a Member of the Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS), (www.actaps.com). He is one of the few people to achieve this membership in the region and is therefore uniquely placed to offer specialist advice in Wills and Estate Disputes (Contentious Probate), Breach of Trust claims, Disputes under the Inheritance (Provision for family and Dependants) Act 1975 and issues in relation to the formation of a will or conduct of Attorneys.

Rob is also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (PNLA). He is therefore committed to promoting the rights of individuals and providing expert advice at all times.

He advises clients in many areas of law, such as:

  • Wills and Probate Disputes (Contentious Probate) - Rob is a Member of the Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists having successfully completed a three year assessment course over an intensive two year period. Rob is one of the few practitioners in the South Yorkshire region to achieve this specialist accreditation and he is therefore able to provide clients with a thorough opinion in all aspects of this expansive and specialist area of law. Rob has represented both Claimants and the Estate in such matters. Notable cases in this area include: -
  • Recovering £150,000 plus, for a claimant from a estate which had failed to provide a legacy for her despite the deceased’s promises to do so and the Claimant’s detrimental reliance upon those promises.
  • Recovering a six figure sum for a claimant where her partner had died intestate and therefore was entitled to nothing according the rules of intestacy. A claim was bought successfully pursuant to the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 due to the claimant’s cohabitation for two years immediately prior to the deceased’s death and as the claimant was financially dependent.
  • Successfully defending, through detailed witness evidence, a claim brought against an estate alleging that the Deceased lacked capacity and/or that the will was invalid due to lack of compliance with the appropriate formalities.
  • Property Disputes – This type of matter can arise in many difference scenarios. If you own or have an interest in a property then disputes can arise in relation to the share of ownership. This commonly arises where couples are unmarried but own property together or where property is owned in the sole name of one of those individuals but the other may have contributed towards the purchase price, maintenance, the cost of up keep or has been made certain promises in respect of their interest in the property. This type of dispute can also apply to owners of business premises who wish to realise their interest but their business partner is not in agreement. Disputes over property can also include rights of way, trespass or claims in nuisance possibly due to dangerous property or damage to property. In addition to boundary disputes and claims in relation to adverse possession. Rob has conducted such cases through the County Court and High Court in addition to the Land Registration Tribunal system. Some of Rob’s notable cases include: -
    1. Representing a property developer in connection with a claim of significant value against a neighbouring land owner for breach contract and nuisance (due to the dangerous state of the neighbour’s buildings).
    2. Representing the Claimant in High Court proceedings in a claim of very significant value in relation to allegations that promises had been made by the legal owner, promising a share of the equity in the property, on this understanding the Claimant had relied to their detriment. Claimant therefore brought a claim for an equal share of the property.
    3. Representing the Claimant in relation to claims for adverse possession over farm land which they had occupied and used for their own benefit, to the exclusion of all others for many years. This resulted in the Claimant acquiring land of significant value.
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes – Rob regularly represents both Landlords and Tenants in commercial proceedings and Landlords of residential property. He has developed a significant practice in advising clients on the process of dealing with such disputes and in particular, in terms of residential property assisting Landlords with evicting tenants and resolving their issues as cost effectively as possible.
  • Professional Negligence Claims – including claims against Solicitors, Surveyors and Accountants. Some of Rob’s most notable cases include : -
    1. Successfully pursuing a surveyor for damages in excess of £100,000 as a result of their failure to identify damp and other items of necessary remedial work within a pre-purchase report.
    2. Recovering damages against a firm of Solicitors whose negligence had resulted in a costs order being made against the client. These costs were of such significance that the charges may have meant the client losing their home. As a result of Rob’s intervention, the Client recovered these costs from the Defendant firm rather than the Client meeting them from their own pocket.
    3. Claiming damages for the Claimant’s loss in value of their home due to the Defendant Solicitors failing to advise them at the time of purchase of various deficiencies which should have been identified within the title to their property.
  • Company Disputes– including shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, insolvency proceedings and company restoration. Rob’s notable cases include: -
    1. Applying to the High Court via an Unfair Prejudice Petition on behalf of the Claimant who was the shareholder of a limited company and dissatisfied with the conduct of other Shareholders/Directors. This resulted in a financial payment of significant value to the Claimant.
    2. Representing the Defendants in a partnership dispute within the High Court which successfully concluded allowing the Defendants to purchase the Claimant’s interest and continue trading their business.
  • Breach of Contract – Contracts are made commonly in daily life whether as purchase of everyday commodities from a retailer or the purchase of a house. The consequences of breaching contract can differ significantly depending on the type of contract. These consequences can be severe. Therefore it is vital to have expert and accurate advice at an early stage whether you have breached the agreement or whether you are claiming damages/compensation or an alternative remedy from the Court. This can arise in simple matters of Debt recovery or contracts of significant value for example construction contracts for the expertise/labour and material supply of a builder/sub-contractor to a housing development. Rob has dealt with various disputes of this type, for example: -
    1. Defending and counter-claiming against a builder due to the builder’s breach of contract. The Counter-claim was made for a six figure sum.
    2. Successfully recovering a six figure sum owed to the client as a consequence of works carried out on a development site pursuant to a construction contract. The matter involved our successful defence of the Defendant’s counter-claim.
    3. Representing the Defendant/counter-claimant in successfully obtaining Judgement for the contractual sum owed and defending the claimant’s claim which involved a million pound dispute.
  • Personal Injury – including employer’s liability, road traffic accidents, product liability and tripping and slipping claims.
    1. Recovering in excess of £100,000 for injuries caused in a road traffic accident which included a severe leg fracture.
    2. Recovering in excess of £60,000 for injuries resulting from a fall at work which included a severely fractured shoulder.
    3. Recovering in excess of £30,000 for a hip/pelvic injury.