What We Do


We have experience of advising on franchising including working alongside a national company who operate primarily on a franchise model form of business. As a result the package can include:

  • Franchise Purchase Agreement which deals with the initial acquisition of the franchise business
  • The Franchise Agreement, which deals with ongoing business relations and in particular, sets down each parties obligations to each other.
  • The Franchise Lease which deals with the occupation of the business premises and each parties responsibilities for such things as repair and its use
  • Legal Charges and/or Debentures to secure any outstanding or ongoing payments.

Franchise businesses can operate well and it makes good commercial sense to invest in this business model.  However this cannot be said of all franchises on the market and our knowledge of this industry will enable us to advise on any downsides of owning a franchise business and what to watch out for in the franchise package.

If you would like to discuss a potential matter or would like any further information then please contact one of our team using the details shown on this page.