What We Do

Dispute Resolution (Civil Litigation)

Disagreements and disputes are a part of life. Fortunately, these rarely escalate to require legal advice and assistance. However, when disputes do arise, our team of Solicitors is always on hand to provide you with  practical, efficient and cost effective advice. Our dispute resolution team is experienced in all types of disputes whether your claim is of substantial value, includes complicated legal issues or cases which are more straight forward but equally as troubling to you.

The department consists entirely of qualified Solicitors and a dedicated Solicitor will be appointed from the outset to ensure you have a point of contact available to discuss your queries and will remain your personal guide throughout the legal process.

Our team have experience representing Claimants or Defendants. The following are just a few of the types of cases that our team has successfully concluded: -

  • Property ownership dispute of significant value settled in the High Court following a three-day trial
  • Defending and counter-claiming against a Claimant as a result of the Claimant’s Fraud/Misrepresentation in inducing the Defendant to purchase goods in addition to recovering damages and a costs order against the Claimant
  • Recovering six-figure damages in an out of Court settlement on behalf of a Claimant against a deceased’s estate following a dispute regarding a will
  • Compensation for breach of contract inducing  the purchase of a motor vehicle resulting in a five-figure sum and costs being paid to the purchaser.  

Our team also regularly attend the County Court to obtain possession of residential properties for Landlords, whether as a result of a breach of a Tenancy Agreement (e.g. failure to pay rent), License or Trespass.

If you would like to discuss a potential matter or would like any further information then please contact one of our team using the details shown on this page.