Notary Public

Schedule of Fees

Andrea Pashley – Schedule of Fees*


Certified                                                              £ 70 per copy

Repeat Client                                                     £ 40 per copy

Affidavits/Stat Decs & Deeds                      £ 80 per document

Powers of Attorney

1 party no Apostille                                          £120

2 parties no Apostille                                       £150

1 party plus Apostille                                       £150

2 parties plus Apostille                                    £180

If passport certified same time                      £  20 per copy

Disbursements: Apostille                                £  30 each    

Plus RMSD Postage £7.30 plus return Courier (with FCO) £5.50 in UK or £14.50 abroad depending on country (could be £25.00)


Sponsorship Declaration

(drafted)   1 person                                        £120 per form

                    2 persons                                      £150 per form

Consent for Passport for Child                  £100 

Consent to Travel                                          £120 per form *(£80 if client produces their own)

Stat Decs for Marriage

Completed by Client                                        £100 per form

Drafted                                                               £120 per form 

Degree Certificates                                        £120 each Plus HEDD charges of £15 (per degree)

*Correct as at 1.11.2019

**The fees stated may be subject to change once the documents have been seen by the Notary and differ to what was initially described by the Client, or if additional work is required and agreed prior to the work being undertaken.

***Minimum fee charged is £70 per document.  For other documents not listed above the fees will be based on Andrea Pashley’s hourly charging  rate of £250.00.  There is no VAT payable on the notary fees (some disbursements may however attract  VAT).