Notary Public

Data Protection : Privacy and Consent Notice




The purpose of this notice is to explain how I collect, process and retain personal data in the course of providing notarial services and to gain your consent to do so.

As a Notary Public I follow the privacy policy of Malcolm C Foy & Co Ltd.  However, my notarial practice is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) under number ZA276555.

Telephone:      01302 340005


Post:                Lazarus House, 14 Princes Street, Doncaster, DN1 3NJ

How do I collect personal information?

I collect information and data:-

  • directly from you at the point of your initial enquiry or instructions; and the Client Registration Form, a copy of which is available to you upon request.
  • directly from the documents that you provide to me for notarisation or from third parties with a relevant and legitimate interest in the transaction.
  • as a result of any additional due diligence enquiries necessary to complete the notarisation process.

How do I use your personal data?

Your personal data is used only, and solely for, the purpose of providing notarial services.  It is processed in accordance with the 8 Principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for the following purposes:-

  • responding to your queries, requests and other communications;
  • providing notarial services, including the translation and legalisation of documents
  • enabling suppliers and service providers to carry out certain functions on our behalf in provision of notarial services including but not limited to webhosting, data storage, identity verification, technical, logistical and courier services
  • in the resolution of any complaints​.

Who do I share your personal information with?

Your personal data may need to be shared with third parties if:-

  • further processing is required, additional processing may include
    • translation
    • where documents need to be legalised at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or at the Embassy or Consulate of the foreign jurisdiction where the document is to have effect
  • I have a statutory duty to disclose it for legal and regulatory reasons.

Where personal data is shared with third parties, I ensure that such third parties comply with all current data protection legislation.  Where such third parties are located outside of England and Wales, for example your personal data is being transferred to foreign Embassies located in the UK or abroad, such organisations will process personal data in accordance with the laws to which they are subject and international treaties over which I have no control.

How long do I keep your personal information?

Basic data regarding the documents I am asked to notarise is transferred into a Master Client Protocol as required by my regulator, the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  These records are kept permanently and include the following data:

The date of the act, the name of person at whose request the act was performed, the person or persons, if any, intervening in the act and, in the case of a person who intervened in a representative capacity, the name of his principal, the method of identification of the party or parties intervening in the notarial act, and in the case of a party intervening in a representative capacity, any evidence produce to the notary of that party’s entitlement so to intervene, the nature of the act, the fee charged.

Client Registration Forms and additional due diligence notes are kept for a minimum period of six years.

A copy of the notarial act is scanned into my computer system and kept permanently.  Upon retirement or closure of the notarial practice, records are transferred to a successor practice or as directed by my Regulator.

Data Security

I have in place a range of physical and electronic security safeguards to protect your personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.  Note that from time to time data is transferred across the internet and I do not always have control over the processes involved.

Data subject rights

Your data is processed in accordance with Principle 6 of the GDPR; that personal data is processed in accordance with the individual’s rights.  I therefore will not use personal data for direct marketing and no decisions shall be made by automated means.

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have read the above DATA PROTECTION: PRIVACY AND CONSENT NOTICE and hereby give my express consent to the terms contained therein.

This consent will apply to all requests for notarial services in the future in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation


Signed: ________________________________________   Date:  ______________________________