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We know that making a Will is never a particularly enjoyable experience, but whether you have £500 or £5,000,000 it is important to clarify what you want to happen with your hard earned money on your death. Making a Will is always important, but particularly so when;

  • You and your partner are not married, as otherwise your partner would not be entitled to anything on your death
  • You have children under the age of sixteen, as your Will can decide who you would wish to be their guardians
  • Your estate exceeds £325,000, being the current threshold after which inheritance tax is paid.
  • You DO NOT want a particularly member of your family to benefit on your death
  • You and your partner have children from previous relationships, and you are keen to ensure that your children would benefit if you passed away before your partner
  • You are concerned about care home fees and want to do all you can to avoid paying them
  • You have specific wishes in relation to your funeral, but do not feel comfortable discussing these wishes with your family during your lifetime

If you don’t leave a Will, your estate will be distributed in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy. These rules are complicated and seem bizarre to many people, and very often do not give the result that would have been desired.  The cost of making a Will is low and could save much expense down the line in terms of tracing relatives and potential challenges to the distribution of a person’s estate. Don’t put it off any longer!

We can provide home visits within Doncaster and Rotherham if you are not able to attend the office due to a physical disability or mobility problems

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