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Notary Public Doncaster

Searching for a Notary Public? Our Doncaster law firm can assist.

If you have any foreign business interests or personal matters which could be affected by the legal systems of foreign countries, it would be advisable to call on the expertise of a Notary Public. Doncaster residents and companies, and those across the South Yorkshire region, can get help from local solicitors Malcolm C Foy & Co. Andrea Pashley is a qualified Notary Public with the firm and is also a member of the Notaries Society, which means she will be able to provide you with specialist and bespoke advice.

Is a Notary Public different from a Solicitor?

The majority of notaries also practice as solicitors but, in addition, they hold specific qualifications which allow them to handle various legal work with an overseas element. But as well as undertaking services for commercial firms engaged in international trade or private individuals with foreign interests, they also provide authentication and a secure record for almost any sort of transaction, document or event.

How can a Notary Public help me?

Many types of work require the skills of a qualified Notary Public. Doncaster companies which undertake commercial and international trade, or are involved in the shipping industry, will be well served by a notary when it comes to document authentication or when they need to secure records for various events and transactions. The sales and purchases of ships, as well as ships’ protests, also generally require the involvement of a notary. They can also authenticate statutory declarations or affidavits and oaths. 

Notaries are not just used by businesses. Private individuals often require help with foreign affairs, such as couples who decide to get married abroad or where people are dealing with the estate of a relative based in another country. Those wanting to draw up a will, which will have the same force abroad as it will at home, should seek advice from a Notary Public. Doncaster locals dealing with the purchase or sale of land and property overseas, or people who need powers of attorney or certified copies of documents such as exam certificates, passports and proof of qualifications, also need to consult a notary. Documents which have been successfully notarised can be accepted as evidence in full understanding that their contents have been properly certified.

Anyone who requires help or advice with an international business or personal matter can get in touch with Andrea Pashley using the details shown on this page.