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Notary Services

We are able to offer Notary services to all our clients. Malcolm C Foy & Co’s Andrea Pashley is an accredited Notary Public (or Notary) and a member of the Notaries Society.

In addition to being qualified lawyers, Notaries hold an internationally recognised public office which enables them to prepare, attest, authenticate and certify deeds and other documents for use across the globe.

Clients with overseas legal affairs will probably require the services of a Notary Public at some stage in their transactions, to witness documents or certify information. The primary function of a Notary Public is to make sure that any documents being notarised will have full legal effect in the country to which they relate.

Upon being fully and properly notarised, a document can be accepted as evidence that the true and correct person has signed and understood it, or that any information being certified has been correctly verified. These are a few examples of situations in which Andrea could help:

● Selling, buying or transferring overseas property
● Parties getting married in foreign countries
● Granting Power of Attorney for use abroad (including India and Spain)
● Obtaining certified copies of documents (e.g. passports or examination certificates)
● Authentication of contracts and commercial transactions
● Other documents which require a Notary stamp for use abroad (e.g. medical professionals applying to work overseas)
● Making a statutory declaration or swearing an oath/affidavit

For further information or to discuss a potential matter, please get in touch with Andrea Pashley using the details shown on this page, or visit the following links:

● Notary Public services in Doncaster and across the South Yorkshire region
● Notary Public services in Rotherham and across the South Yorkshire region