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This is very often the traditional approach to two or more persons working together in Business.

Partnership Agreements are normally recommended to satisfy Inland Revenue requirements and to ensure that the parties document clearly each parties obligations and liabilities and benefits such as profit share, drawings, work expectation, retirement, expulsion and restraint of trade provisions. 

Partnership Agreements can be very simple or extensive depending on the client’s requirements.  Whatever those requirements may be we can “tailor make” your agreement to suit your needs whether they relate to service industries e.g. Doctors Practices, manufacturing e.g. engineering firms or retail e.g. sales businesses.

We also advise Partnerships throughout their general trading and also on dissolutions and as necessary we liaise with other departments within our firm such as the Dispute Resolution or the Commercial Litigation Department on issues such as disputes, debts, terms and conditions or the Commercial Property Department on issues such as property acquisitions and leases.

If you would like to discuss a potential matter or would like any further information then please contact one of our team using the details shown on this page.