What We Do

Medical Negligence

The vast majority of medical treatments are successful and uncomplicated. Sometimes however things go wrong. Our role is to advise when a medical practitioner’s negligent acts or omissions may have detrimentally affected your health. 

Medical negligence can result in life changing injuries that warrant significant compensation. Such claims may require significant additional medical treatment and adaptations to your home and lifestyle. Our team has the experience and knowledge to support you throughout the claim and ensure you receive full compensation and the rehabilitation you need to return to health.

Medical negligence claims can be brought against health trusts, general practitioners, dentists, cosmetic treatment providers and other private health care organisations.

This type of case is usually funded by a conditional fee agreement, usually known as a ‘no win no fee’ agreement. For further information, please see Funding Your Case.

If you would like to discuss a potential matter or would like any further information then please contact one of our team using the details shown on this page.