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Motorbike Accidents

At Malcolm C Foy & Co we can help you with a whole array of Personal Injury issues including Motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists represent only one in a hundred of road users but account for up to 20 percent of the deaths and serious injuries on the roads.

Unfortunately, for motorcyclists, there is a greater risk of an accident causing serious personal injury. There are a number of contributory factors. In particular, motorcyclists are not seen as easily as other road users, have less protection and are more vulnerable to head and spinal injuries.

If you have been involved in a motorcycling accident and are looking to recover compensation for your injuries, there are many points to bear in mind.

If you have been injured, you need early, specialist advice so that investigations can be started promptly. From receipts for your expenses to photographs of the scene and interviewing witnesses, we can help you make a start on compiling the evidence for your claim.

Our specialist guidance throughout your claim can make a real difference. We can steer you towards obtaining early rehabilitation to help improve your recovery and get you back to work quicker. We can help you obtain a payment on account of your compensation, which can be really helpful if your recovery is likely to take a long time.

Even after the claim has ended, depending on the amount of compensation, you may need continuing guidance to ensure your compensation is invested and managed properly.

For advice on any injuries incurred in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault please do not hesitate to contact us.