What We Do


We work alongside all the major lenders and have detailed knowledge of their requirements. We regularly deal with the following types of security:

  • Secured mortgages or charges including 2nd charges typically to secure borrowing in relation to a client’s business
  • Debentures over fixed and floating assets of the company
  • Third party charges and the requirement for independent legal advice
  • Personal Guarantees and the requirement for independent legal advice
  • Charges over money deposits
  • Charges over equipment and over assets
  • Discharge of existing security both at Companies House and at the Land Registry
  • Land Registry requirements
  • Registration at Companies House
  • Deeds of Priority – when there is more than one legal charge it may be necessary to decide which order of priority each of the legal charges is to have and hence a Deed of Priority may be required.
  • Letters of non-crystallisation – this may be required if the Bank have a floating charge over assets of a company to confirm that the lender has not called in its security

If you would like to discuss a potential matter or would like any further information then please contact one of our team using the details shown on this page.